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Jared MarquitaSep 13, 2022 12:00:04 PM2 min read

DeltaQ raised €8 million to fund international expansion.

DeltaQ, leader in reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the Commercial Real Estate sector, has raised €8 million from investors, including SFPI-FPIM, Impact Capital, Aconterra, 3E, Quanteus Group, and private individuals. The success of this capital increase and the support from its historical and new shareholders confirm the powerful rationale that underpins the DeltaQ solution and their confidence in its fast growth and international expansion across very supportive environmental markets.

Khadija Nadi, CEO at DeltaQ, commented: “Reducing energy consumption is a major challenge for real estate organizations, especially since the sector is responsible for nearly 30 percent of European Union (EU) carbon emissions. In the current geopolitical situation, real estate can and should also contribute to reducing Europe’s dependency on Russian fossil fuels and ensuring sufficient energy is available for key societal needs. We are a very purpose-driven organization and partner with the largest real estate companies in the world to fight climate change.”

On the technology, DeltaQ leverages Artificial Intelligence to apply predictive steering to commercial buildings’ Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems. Its cloud-based solution integrates in real-time with the existing Building Management Systems to extract monitoring data and apply commands to the HVAC. Within weeks it creates an individual thermal model or digital twins of the building that predicts how energy (gas and electricity or heat and cold from networks) and weather translate into comfort for the occupants. Combined with detailed weather forecasts, these digital twins allow DeltaQ’s optimization engine to reduce energy consumption while maintaining comfort.

Leon Cappaert, Investment Manager at SFPI-FPIM, commented: “DeltaQ is an extremely dynamic company and an excellent addition to our Energy Transition portfolio. They have created a unique energy-saving solution and have already shown impressive traction with large commercial real estate companies. Indeed, there are exciting times ahead, and we look forward to working with the team.”

“The real estate sector has an important role in reaching the 2015 Paris Agreement and the EU Green Deal targets. Implementing a software solution that can reduce energy consumption by 20 percent on average while maintaining comfort to the users should be a no-brainer,” said Piet Colruyt, Founding Partner at Impact Capital. “The investment pays itself back in a few months.”

“We were impressed by the value customers gain from the DeltaQ solution. This investment perfectly fits our focus on the energy transition. We are looking forward to playing a part in their continuing success.” declared Kris Vansanten, Founder at RSQ Investors.


For more information, please get in touch with Khadija Nadi, CEO of DeltaQ