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MariekeJun 10, 2021 10:29:18 AM< 1 min read

It’s fantastic to lead a company that will save even more CO2 as it scales

Leading a company towards success has a threefold meaning for Khadija Nadi, CEO of DeltaQ. Khadija doesn’t only measure success by realizing business growth, but also by having a positive impact on the world and building a motivated, diverse and fun team.

Khadija spoke to VOKA magazine about her journey to becoming DeltaQ’s CEO and what leadership means to her. 

On the cover of June’s VOKA Magazine, Khadija is this quarter’s face of Brussels’ entrepreneurship. Being the CEO of an innovative AI solution for saving energy and CO2 emissions whilst still guaranteeing indoor thermal comfort is challenging but very rewarding. Although there are roadblocks for innovation in real estate, Khadija is optimistic and has a clear vision of collaborating with universities, other organizations, and the government. 

Khadija Nadi CEO DeltaQ on Voka Cover 2021

If you’d like to read more about business and sustainability going hand in hand, as a business model and within DeltaQ, read the full article (in Dutch) on the VOKA website.