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MariekeAug 16, 2021 5:21:32 PM1 min read

When it comes to diversity: go the extra mile – Khadija Nadi about people management in 50 Koffies

“Trust your employees and give them freedom. Nobody likes to be checked upon their job continuously. You also want to keep your space, so don’t take it away from your employees.” Khadija Nadi, CEO of DeltaQ, was a guest in the 50 Koffie show. The show is full of Khadija’s practical tips and best practices in people management. She talks about what ‘making an impact’ means to her and how she integrates her values in business.

50 Koffies is a platform for bold people in business. The podcast by Nadia El Makhfi and Yana Smits is ranked #7 in Belgium’s Apple podcasts about doing business. In episode #38, Khadija shares her insights. To sum up some key learnings:

“Encourage direct feedback: give feedback to your employees and allow them to provide you with feedback. Give them the right tools to do that because giving feedback isn’t always easy.”

“Go the extra mile when it comes to diversity. Putting together a diverse team requires extra effort but will only benefit the result of the company. Give new candidates opportunities, and try to keep various profiles on board. Flexibility is a crucial concept here.”

Watch the full interview (in Dutch) or listen to the podcast.

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